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Funfest Missions and Join Avenue

Started by houdini, Oct 15 2012 10:29 PM
Funfest Funfest Missions Join Avenue bw2

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Well, Funfest Missions aren't exactly a NEW feature, but I feel they improved the Pass Power Missions A LOT. Being able to cooperate with many people at once and run around battling people/looking for items is great. The only problem is that this is easily a game exploit. You can get many items for free, huge discounts on others, XP and quick battles. I don't really care that much as the Join Avenue can make you spend lots of money and Funfest Missions are really fun to participate.

About the Join Avenue, for now I have only 4 shops, and it's kinda funny when people shout the words you chose. "WEEKEND!", "Amazing!", "Welcome", etc etc. I don't really have much to say about it, but I'm grateful I can put my friends to work for me in the Join Avenue BWAHAHA xD

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I love the lottery booths in Join Avenue :)

Can't wait to play some Funfest missions!

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