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What Pokemon Do You Think Ash Will Use In The X Y Anime

Started by shroom847, Jul 13 2013 06:12 PM
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  • LocationNew Jersey

What Pokemon do you think he will add, bring with him. bring back, and catch. You can have more than six because I think he will rotate again.


My Guess so far is

0.Pikachu (He want ever leave him)















Ranger Wes
  • LocationKalos

I can see him picking a Flabebe's flower, feeling sorry for it, and catching it. :P


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  • LocationNew Jersey

Any other catch ideas.



  • Location東京

I can see him picking a Flabebe's flower, feeling sorry for it, and catching it. :P

I don't see it ending up on his team, but I could believe an episode centered around that...


Hoping Clauncher will make it on to his team just like Krabby and Corphish :)

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  • LocationZaandijk

I think he might end up with the Parfum - Pokemon.



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  • LocationLiverpool, England

I reckon he'll end up with:


Pikachu (duh)

Fennekin ('cause he seems to like Fire types)

Flabebe (for the reason Ranger said)

Fletchling ('cause Fire type and first bird)

Clauncher (Cute and crabby)

Gogoat (He'll need something to ride)

Vivillon will fly around your face, baffle you with its cuteness... and then EAT. YOUR. SOUL.


  • LocationGlobal

I think he will get a Froakkie, I know he usually gets the grass type, but this just feels like Froakkie's time to shine.
Pikachu, Fletchling of course
I have a feeling he will get an older Pokémon, maybe a marill or ralts? Probably not though....
I hope he picks Swirlix or dedenne!

There aren't really enough to choose from yet and the ones we have seen don't remind me of Ash's usual Pokémon at all.


  • LocationThe Netherlands

For this we have to indeed wait untill we know about every new Pokemon in Kalos..

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  • LocationNew Jersey

Not really he usually uses a small amount of Pokemon.

Like some you can almost confirm because same thing happens in the anime.



  • Location東京

I'm very curious whether or not he'll use a Mega Pokemon. Seems like something they'd dedicate an episode to, but not something they'd make a staple of his team.

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  • LocationKalos

Which starter he gets will depend a lot on who he ends up travelling with. I think he'll get Froakie if Cilan joins him in Kalos, so Cilan would get Chespin, and the girl gets Fennekin. If Cilan doesn't come along, then he'll pick either Chespin or Froakie, while Serena or Yvonne or whatever the girl's name is will almost certainly get Fennekin. However, I have this strong feeling that I just can't shake off that he will end up with Froakie, especially if Froakie's final evolution is Water-Fighting as that represents his fighting spirit. There's also a good chance Serena will get Chespin, since May had Torchic and Dawn had Piplup. 

long story short: Ash will definitely get Chespin or Froakie (but not Fennekin) and the XY girl will definitely get Chespin or Fennekin (but not Froakie).

Part of my reasoning behind's Ash's choice is evident: he will have a Fletchling, and those end up Fire-Flying so Fennekin makes no sense for him. He will most certainly not have Dedenne; Serena will, just as Dawn has Pachirisu and Iris has Emolga. Of course, it is also possible he will get two starters (whichever ones Serena doesn't have) just like he did in DPP. I could maybe see him with a Flabébé provided its final form is Fairy-Grass, because he always has a Grass type. If not, he'll have some other Grass type we don't know of (but not Gogoat), assuming he doesn't get Chespin which is extremely likely as he favours Grass starters a lot.

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If Iris does not continue on the journey with him, I have a feeling he'll likely get a female traveling companion with either a Chestpin or Fennekin.

They might break the old traditions, and let Ash only have the Water Pokemon Frokie if he doesn't catch all 3 starters.
Ash will defiantly have a Frokie, and likely a Chestpin.

For some reason I don't see him much for Fennekin, and that will likely belong to a female traveling companion like i said.


I also got a feeling that Frokie might evolve into Water/Dragon type with Chestpin or Fennekin being Grass/Fairy or Fire/Fairy respectively.


Just as long as Fennekin is not another Fire/Fighting Pokémon I will be happy.

As for the tradition of getting the regional bird, if Ash does get a Fletchling it likely will not evolve for a while and he likely will use Talonflame as his fire type for the journey since I don't see him getting a Fennekin.


Hopefully Pikachu receives a Mega Evolution, or Ash gets at least one Pokémon with the ability to Mega Evolve. I somewhat for see him getting either a Torchic or a Lucario on his team.

It would be interesting if He gets a Torchic since May had one, and it would be the first time that he got a starter Pokémon from a past gen that is the same as a female traveling companion's instead of them getting one that he had.

May got both a Bulbasaur and Squirtle, and Dawn got a Cyndaquil, all Pokémon Ash had in previous generations. Ash getting a Torchic would be very interesting, especially if somehow it was born from May's Blaziken.

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  • LocationNew Jersey

I'm very curious whether or not he'll use a Mega Pokemon. Seems like something they'd dedicate an episode to, but not something they'd make a staple of his team.

If anything it will be a Pokemon he already has or one the starter's who probably will get a Mega form.



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Chespin is pretty much a given for Ash- he always gets at least the Grass-type starter.

Fennekin...  While it's a possibility, there's also the fact that there's Talonflame to consider.  Then again, Ash currently has Charizard and Pignite on hand...


Froakie, I could see him with that, too.  To be perfectly honest, I'd rather he catch a Skrelp- the Poison-type is shockingly underrepresented with the good guys.


Fletchling's all but confirmed to be Kalos's Pidgey equivalent, and by extension, all but confirmed for Ash's team.  He always gets the Pidgey equivalent.


Now, someone always ends up getting the Butterfree equivalent, be it May's Beautifly or Ash's Leavanny.  So someone's getting Vivillon, though I'm not sure if I could see Ash with one...


They could also give him a Swirlix to show off the new type...  Then again, it took him until Scraggy to get a Dark-type, and he's still never owned a Steel-type...  Still, it's a possibility.


  • LocationNew Jersey

What type has Ash not had because in black and white he got a type he never used so he may get one of those again.



Missingno. Master

What type has Ash not had because in black and white he got a type he never used so he may get one of those again.

Off the top of my head, Ash has yet to own a Psychic-type or a Steel-type.  Ghost may count as well, depending on how you stand on the whole debate regarding Ash's ownership (or lack thereof) of Haunter.  And as far as we're aware, he doesn't have a Fairy-type.


  • LocationNew Jersey

So he may use at least two of those types or all four if gets a dual typed.




I just hope they leave Pikachu's typing alone, and keep it pure electric. Although I feel many of the Pokémon in the Fairy Egg Group will be retooled. Already three members of this egg group have been retyped.

I foresee Snorlax getting a Mega Evolution. Maybe instead of Pokémon contests, special Mega Evoltuion battle events will take place?

I could imagine Ash rotating his Pokémon that have Mega Evolutions.

Please let Charizard get one, and I hope to see Muk and/or Herocross get one as well.

Ash needs to stop leaving all his Pokémon at home and take them with him like he did for Gen II.

http://img.pokemondb...iny-sylveon.jpg also, shinny Sylveon, or maybe a Gender difference?

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Probably in the late part of the series he'll get a pancham egg and it'll hatch and use it for the final badge.



  • LocationChennai, India

Maybe he'll get a Goomy.

Trevenant also seems likely. Give the guy a Ghost type for once!

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