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[SPOILERS] Pokémon X & Y Leaks for October 2nd

Started by spinarak, Oct 02 2013 08:13 AM

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As promised, we're covering more leaks! Because there are more people now than before we'll be breaking up the galleries by leaker. This makes it easier for you all to follow and browse. All new information, however, will be posted as a list from oldest leak to newest. Ready? Let's go! Remember to join our forum for more great Pokémon X & Y discussions!

Leaker 1: Jadieekong


Leaker 2: kosthedin

Kosthedin has unfortunately got Nintendo'd. He won't be posting any more spoilers.

New information from Pokémon X & Y

  • Jadieekong has reported that at around 5 hours played she has not encountered any unknown Pokémon yet

  • Camphrier Town has a castle apparently built by the 'King of Kalos'

  • Kalos wild Pokémon: Plusle, Minun, Gulpin, Hippopotas, Absol

  • HM01 Cut returns!

  • Some items have different color Pokeball overworld sprites (When the player found HM01 Cut it was a yellow-ish gold Pokeball instead of the usual red)

  • If you don't move in the game for a while your overworld sprite will yawn and do other random motions

  • There are huge statues of Reshiram and Zekrom in the game

  • The camera will switch to a different view in some areas (ex: bird eyes view)

  • There's a point in the game in which you must chase down a Furfrou in a garden maze with your friend

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