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Pokemon Grey? Pokemon Black and White Remake/ 3rd Version

Started by TheSquirtleDude, Apr 27 2011 12:50 PM

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Hey guys I was thinking about it and there are some features I would want them to add to Unova for a remake of Black and White. I am also curious to what you would want added...

Things I would want added:

1. Walking with your pokemon:- I was really dissapointed when I found out this feature wouldn't be in Black and White and I mean, who doesn't want their Oshawott following them around? B)

2. Legendaries from older games available post E4:- Diamond and Pearl were quite a while ago now, and I would quite like the addition of the 3 Emotion Pixies and maybe Shaymin, as if there is a R/S/E remake, then it will turn on sinnoh for the legendaries.

3. Possibly more encounter's with Pokemon that have their hidden third ability, like Post E4 a Golet ontop of Celestial Tower with it's third ability?

4. Maybe a way to capture event pokemon without a wifi ticket needed, like the ability to travel to Liberty Island at will without a ticket and Genosect in a hidden room at the P2 Labratory, or at N's Castle which should be accesable post game

5. Possibly a way to rematch Gym Leaders, N and Ghestis

6. And finally more Post Game Plasma action and the Undersea Ruin's explained

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I had a lot of things i wanted to change as well.

Mainly being the gym leader rematches. Also, i feel like this region was....small. If anyone knows where i am coming from...it just feels too fast. Like there should add more Looker but ingame rather post game. But with actual things to do....not just "FIND THAT SAGE!!!!"

idk...there was alot i wished they'd done better. but i love it anyways...

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That the bag is made like in SS/HG.. and that there is a run button that you can lock.



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Being able to visit the Gym leader's and E4's house and family, (So they can tell us their secrets. :P ) so we can rebattle them. (And battle E4 members individually)


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Have an epic story about some sort of plot by Team Plasma to combine Zekrom and Reshiram and having the player assist Kuryem in an effort to stop them. And air battle. I want air battle between the three. And I want to ride on top of Kuryem and go all Ice Beam and stuff.

I also wish for a way to capture some of zee older legendaries as well, mostly because I'm too lazy to transfer and pester people and restart games, because I'm doing that enough with my Dex challenge.

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As we know The Pokémon Company, they'll surprise us.

They might put stuff like:
  • Rematches
  • Something Extra
  • A few extra Formes
  • Further In-story into Plasma
  • Battle Frontier
  • Some new Wifi thing
  • More legendaries to find

So Yeah, It should be awesome! B)
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