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It's a mysterious egg! Trainer bulletin: Prof. Oak has given us an egg! We need to make 30 posts today to hatch it into a healthy Cleffa and today we've made 0 posts. Only 30 to go! Keep it up! <3 PJ

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Entered a Cracked macro image contest for the 1st time. Hope I at least get on the list. Will enter more now that I know how to. Updated 16 Sep · 0 comments
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About Me

I've been playing Pokemon since i was 8. i got Blue for Christmas 1998 and could not put it down. kept running out of batteries. if it wasn't for Pokemon i would not be so hooked on games as i am now. i should also thank all 3 Donkey Kong Country games and Mario.

My dream is to become a writer. I have the whole story in mind and i just have to get it written. tons of material that i just want to sort through so i can start writing. I plan for it to be an entire series with about 4 books in the main series and tons of spin offs that still are part of the series and then continue the main series after a time skip. i also have video games in mind.

The whole reason i want to be a writer is because of all the stuff i watch, read, and play. Harry Potter got me into Reading and inspired me to be a writer (novelist i think is the correct term). Pokemon got me thinking real big. And all the stuff i've ever seen just all came together to form a future awesome series.

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    My goal in life is to become a writer. I have a whole series planned called Serpent Seed. On top of that i got spin offs and other series ideas. I just have to write it which is taking a while because I'm a bit lazy.

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